How TLC Works

How TLC Works

Each learning center caters to its surrounding school district. New students are given diagnostic tests to assess their understanding of concepts being taught at their grade level. Once the tests are completed and corrected, students have a review session with a teacher. During this initial review session, a couple of things take place: First of all, students get a chance to see what they got wrong and what the correct answer is. They also have a conversation with the teacher about what they are having trouble with in school and why. Or if they are not having trouble with anything, what they wish to explore further. The teacher discusses the test results and review sessions with the director of the learning center. A curriculum is created for them, using TLC materials, that reinforces their weak areas and supplements their strong areas. Teachers keep records to note students' progress over time. Students and parents can ask to have review sessions with teachers whenever they need them.

When we feel that they have a firm grasp on their grade-level concepts, we begin preparing them for what they will be learning next in school. This way they go to school ready to receive their teachers' lessons. They will understand what is being asked of them, they will be able to do what is asked of them well, and they will earn good scores and grades. This allows for more possibilities in their educational futures-- such as advanced placement, awards, recommendations to specialty schools, and so on.

Systematic Diagnostic Tests

Initial placement tests are given for each area of study in which a student is enrolled. Students are placed in a level of study based on individual needs. Diagnostic Tests are given at the beginning of enrollment to determine students' strengths and weaknesses.

TLC educators focus on specific areas of weakness until the student has fully mastered each concept.

School Based Curriculum

Our programs are designed to enhance students' understanding of concepts being taught in school by providing supplementary work that parallels their current school work.

By supporting and reinforcing students' school work, our educators help students gain confidence and self-assurance to boost their participation in school and get better grades.

Applying To TLC Programs

  • Step 1
    Check the Class Schedule
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    Choose Your Child's Classes
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    Fill Out Registration Form
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    Systematic Diagnostic Tests