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Our Most Popular Programs

We offer a variety of classes that focus on developing and strengthening the core skills that will be assets to students’ study habits and academic careers.

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics Top Learning Center uses the Common Core Mathematics Curriculum to complement and build on what your child is already learning…

  • Reading

    Reading At Top Learning Center, our goal is to encourage your child to not only read better with greater understanding, but…

  • Writing

    Writing Our unique Writing Program combines the Common Core Curriculum based on California State Standards with select complementary activities to both introduce…

  • BookClub

    BookClub Top Learning Center: BookClub is designed to facilitate the reading and critical analysis of books. Students have the opportunity to enjoy…

  • One-On-One

    One-On-One Top Learning Center provides individual attention for students who are having a hard time learning in a group setting.…

  • Homework Help

    Homework Help Our qualified educators are trained to help your child, no matter what the subject, with their homework. Where students…