Top Learning Center: BookClub is designed to facilitate the reading and critical analysis of books. Students have the opportunity to enjoy open discussions and to complete activities based on the themes, characters, and plots in the books.

BookClub offers a much more personal and interactive educational experience. Our book clubs are somewhat small in size; therefore, each student typically has more control over what books are read and more opportunities to participate in group discussions.

Our educators help to guide student discussions and provide an informal learning environment, where there is less fear of failure or humiliation. Group discussion teaches students to listen respectfully to different points of view and express themselves appropriately; it also allows students to practice discussing opposing ideas without resorting to emotional and personal arguments.

For those shy of public speaking, BookClub provides a safe atmosphere for self-expression, where students can practice sharing their thoughts or summarizing information and presenting it in a coherent way.

All in all, your student will learn:

  • Analysis/Critical Thinking
  • Logical and Clear Presentation
  • Respectful Discussion
  • Summarizing
  • Reading Comprehension