Top Learning Center has helped me tremendously. Specifically, TLC is a distraction free environment. At home, there are many distractions that can keep me from finishing my homework as quickly as I could have, whereas at TLC, I can focus on my homework and complete it quickly. Additionally, the teachers at Top Learning Center are very helpful with our homework. Many times, I have homework that is challenging for me, but the teachers at TLC help me complete it and understand all the important concepts. Finally, there are many practice tests to help prepare TLC students for tests such as the SBAC and normal tests that occur almost every week. These practice tests are very useful for the real tests and are successful in their goal of preparing Top Learning Center’s students for their tests. Due to TLC, I now have an A in every subject, and I am very successful in every area of my education.

Karina S. (7th Grade, Carmenita Middle School),