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See Why Families Choose TLC

Parents, students, and teachers agree

Parents and teachers watch TLC students develop confidence and enthusiasm in school, get better grades, have fewer homework struggles and find a new love for learning.
There's no better way to visualize the difference TLC will make in your child's life than to read the experiences of other TLC students and families:
  • I love my teachers!
    I like TLC because TLC helps target what I am bad at and helps me and my parents. I like every teacher at TLC because they are nice, fun, cool, and funny. I like Mrs. Kang because she knows a lot of Korean to teach me. Mr. Daniel is really funny. I like Mrs. Shelly because she is nice and brings snacks for us. Mrs. L. is strict, but because she is strict she helps me learn even more. I like Miss Megan because she helps me in writing and reading.
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  • What is TLC?
    TLC, for me, is the reason why I am proud of my grades. I started coming to TLC at the age of 9 due to my lack of knowledge and ability to learn. TLC has made an impact in my life that I cannot be more thankful for. There are many great teachers that have helped me throughout elementary school, and they have helped me improve to the point where I have reached all advanced classes. TLC has made me accomplish more than I could ever imagine in only a short amount of time. Overall, TLC is a great place to have fun learning. It provides great help for all ages and has given me such a great education. I could not be more thankful about TLC.
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  • Teaching at TLC
    For the past 18 years, I've been helping students achieve the highest grades by tutoring one to one or small groups. As a manager I help in organization of the daily tasks and routines. The greatest satisfaction of my job is seeing my students achieve high grades. It has been my pleasure to work with the wonderful staff here at TLC.
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  • Great test prep
    I really like how Top Learning Center provides assessment tests that really help my daughter prepare for the ones she'll be taking in school this Spring. TLC really makes these overwhelming tests approachable for her, and the teachers do a great job answering any of our questions about them.
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  • TLC helps me improve my grades!
    TLC helps me with my grades because the teachers there are very encouraging and helpful. My working habits have changed drastically over the very few years I’ve been here, which tells me that the way they teach impacts students’ grades. My report card’s GPA went from a 3.64 to a 4.0 with TLC's help.
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  • TLC is a distraction free environment!
    Top Learning Center has helped me tremendously. Specifically, TLC is a distraction free environment. At home, there are many distractions that can keep me from finishing my homework as quickly as I could have, whereas at TLC, I can focus on my homework and complete it quickly. Additionally, the teachers at Top Learning Center are very helpful with our homework. Many times, I have homework that is challenging for me, but the teachers at TLC help me complete it and understand all the important concepts. Finally, there are many practice tests to help prepare TLC students for tests such as the SBAC and normal tests that occur almost every week. These practice tests are very useful for the real tests and are successful in their goal of preparing Top Learning Center’s students for their tests. Due to TLC, I now have an A in every subject, and I am very successful in every area of my education.
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